Flarsheim Society

The Robert H. Flarsheim Society honors alumni and others who include UMKC in their estate plans or planned gift arrangements.

Legacy gifts, or gifts made by an estate or part of planned giving arrangements, allow us to continually build a better School of Education, Social Work and Psychological Sciences and give future alumni the opportunity to positively influence children and families in our communities for years to come. 
We are thankful for your contributions and your support of our school! If you have already included the School of Education, Social Work and Psychological Sciences in your will or other planned gift arrangement and your name is not listed, please let us know so we can recognize your generosity during your lifetime and help ensure that your legacy will be used as you intend it.   
To be listed as a Flarsheim Society Member or for more information about making a planned gift for the benefit of deserving School of Education, Social Work and Psychological Sciences students, please contact Nathan Shields at 816-235-2234. 

Flarsheim Society Members

Italics denote deceased members.

  • Dr. Connie J. Campbell (’75) and Professor Emeritus Warren Wheelock
  • Nancy Jo Cramer
  • Duana M. Dralus (’69)
  • Robert M. and Sylvia B. (‘73) Farnsworth
  • Bill (’71) and Linda French (’78 Law)
  • Harold M. Gersh (’55)
  • Drs. Patrick (’70 Dentistry) and Jill Hardman (’92)
  • Shirley A. Hill (’55)
  • John M. Klotz (’90)
  • Dr. Jack M. (’79) and Teresa A. Litman
  • Dr. Kenneth R. Mares (’73)
  • Donald W. and Carole L. Mocker
  • Professor Nancy L. Murdock
  • Drs. Beaty and Deloras (’80) Pemberton
  • Dr. Mary Jo Rahatz (’63,’75)
  • Arlene Knopp Schumann (’64)
  • Janice Joy Selby (’72)
  • Judith Beth Silverforb (’75)
  • Dr. Marian Alice Simmons
  • Dr. Linda Hood Talbott (’73)
  • Maxine Cooper Thompson (’50)
  • Dr. Terry (’12) and Linda Ward