Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education program prepares you to teach successfully in urban schools and make an impact on the whole child during the most important years of development and learning.

Our program is designed for those who want to be certified to teach learners from birth through age eight (3rd grade). This bachelor’s degree is field-based, meaning that students learn by directly applying research and theory to working with children in diverse classroom placements. Students in this program are also eligible to apply to the Institute for Urban Education

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Program features

  • Experience active learning, explore schools with diverse curriculum models, engage with community agencies and families, visit museums and other community centers, connect with professionals in our field and more
  • Experience the full range of early childhood development and learning through placements in infant and toddler, preschool, and K-3 classrooms
  • Graduate with a year’s worth of teaching experience

Program Admissions

Admissions requirements are available in the UMKC Catalog. To learn more about applying for this program, read about the admission’s process.

Who benefits from this program?

  • You benefit: from the beginning of the program, you start discovering the kind of teacher you want to be by actively learning though a carefully scaffolded learning process
  • The children you teach benefit: throughout the program, you impact children by implementing meaningful culturally responsive learning experiences
  • The community benefits: as our student, you actively engage with families and communities as a learner and advocate