How to Apply

Our three-step application process helps determine if we are a good fit for each other. 

Step 1) Complete the Online Application

Applications for the PK-12 school administration certification program will be evaluated in the fall for a spring start. Applicants must complete the PLUS application to receive an automatic invitation to the group interview.

Note: To maintain a residency in PLUS you must be admitted to the PK-12 principal certification program, successfully interview and secure a placement. Those who already have a master’s degree should apply for the Ed. Specialist degree.

Step 2) Attend a Group Interview

PLUS students are invited to the group interview. Other graduate students may be invited to apply for the PLUS program based on their academic standing and commitment to school leadership. 

Note: To remain in the PLUS program, residents must demonstrate their leadership abilities by participating in role plays, group activities and in-person interviews. Those who are not successful can remain in the regular PK-12 principal certification program.

Step 3) Secure a Placement

Selected candidates who secure a position will be admitted to the residency, which includes summer institute, leadership coaching, mentoring and professional development. 

Note: residents who do not secure a position can continue in the regular PK-12 principal certification program.