This program is a perfect match for candidates in educational leadership careers in elementary, middle, and secondary school settings, as well as in central office administration.

Curriculum focuses on current and future educational challenges to enhance the knowledge and skill development of public-school leaders in their positions, incorporating strategic planning, collaborative problem solving, interpersonal and inter-group functioning, technological proficiency, and effective communication. 
More information about this program can be found in the UMKC Catalog.


  • The program admits a cohort of students every other Spring semester.
  • Approximately 15-20 students are accepted each program cycle.
  • The next cohort will begin Spring 2024 with applications due by November 15, 2023.
  • Applications are completed online. All other supplemental application materials should be sent to:
    • ELPF Division Office 
      615 E. 52nd St., Suite #328 
      Kansas City, MO 64110
  • Recommended minimums for applicants include;
    • Completion of a master’s degree in Education Administration (Master’s degrees in other fields may be provisionally accepted)
    • Graduate GPA of 3.65 or above
    • Successful completion of 3 hours or equivalent of Statistical Methods 1(EDRP 5505) and 3 hours or equivalent of Principles and Methods of Research (EDRP 5508), each with a grade of B or higher (may be admitted provisionally with expectation to complete during the first two semesters of course work).

Application Materials

In addition to the completing the online application, as stated above, please send the following materials to the Doctoral Admissions Committee.
  • Curriculum Vita/Resume
    • Personal Information (address, phone, e-mail)
    • Employment history & educational background
    • Relevant research experiences & volunteer work
    • Presentations, Publications, Honors or Awards
    • Membership/Leadership in professional organizations
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation from raters who know you professionally or in academic settings (They cannot be friends or relatives)
    • Evaluators should address your suitability for doctoral level studies, interpersonal skills and other information relating to your professional or academic performance.
    • Letters of recommendation should be on official letterhead.
    • Letters may be sent electronically (as a PDF file) to Loyce Caruthers ( or mailed or hand delivered to our office. If mailing, please send to Loyce Caruthers to the address below.
  • Autobiographical statement
    • Submit a concise (two to three pages) statement concerning the following: Your professional goals and interests, including your research knowledge and experiences, and how the doctorate degree may result in achieving your goals.
  • Academic writing sample reflecting a high proficiency in academic writing. The sample may be a previous course paper, a chapter from a thesis, published article, etc. Please send copies, as documents will not be returned.

Note: If you have completed your masters or specialist degrees in Education Administration at UMKC within the past five years, you do not have to submit new letters of recommendation. Some of the other documents may already be in your files, and resubmission may not be needed. Please send copies or email pdf files to Loyce Caruthers, as documents will not be returned. 

Program Coordinator 

Loyce Caruthers, Ph.D. 

Program Coordinator 
339 Education Building