Undergraduate Programs in Psychology

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology

We provide students with a fundamental understanding of the field of psychology, including its value as a scientific method for understanding human behavior and solving social and behavioral challenges.  In addition to classes in the main sub-disciplines of psychology (e.g., cognitive, developmental, clinical, and social), there are opportunities for study outside the classroom through research experiences that allow collaboration with faculty in the department’s research laboratories, as well as a field practicum class that allows students to earn course credit through internships with community agencies.

An undergraduate degree in psychology can lead to careers in human resources, non-profit management, mental health services, and research.  Some students who graduate from our undergraduate program pursue graduate studies in psychology or counselling, while others may continue their education by exploring social work, law, education, or medicine. 

Our Psychology Mentoring Program is here to help students explore their professional interests and goals.  Please reach out to us if you’d like to talk with a Psychology Mentor about requirements for the major and course catalog information.

Psychology Minor to accompany another undergraduate major

Students with an interest in psychology will find that this minor nicely complements many other academic majors.  Common majors to pair with the psychology minor include; sociology, criminal justice and criminology, communications studies, health sciences, biology, and chemistry.  We would be happy to discuss the requirements for the minor and course catalog information with you.  Please contact our Mentoring Program.