Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Career Preparation

Offered through the School of Graduate Studies, this online program is intended for students preparing for college-level teaching careers.

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In today’s competitive academic job market, academic institutions increasingly desire faculty members who not only possess the appropriate academic credentials, but can demonstrate that they are prepared to be excellent teachers and well-rounded colleagues. The 12-credit hour Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Career Preparation is intended for graduate students from all disciplines who plan to teach at colleges or universities. The structure of this graduate certificate program balances the emphases on both career exploration and teaching

The certificate complements the discipline knowledge of existing graduate programs by: (1) focusing on strategies for successful teaching, including incorporating technology into the college classroom, and (2) familiarizing students with the demands of college teaching and the nature of the academic environment in a variety of institutions of higher education. Courses that satisfy program requirements are taken for graduate credit; and, upon completion, the certificate is officially noted on the student’s transcript. Courses in the certificate program are generally taken in addition to those required for the student’s degree program of study with possible overlap for students concentrating on studies in Education.

Minimum eligibility requirements:

  • All applicants must have already completed a bachelor’s degree.
  • All applicants must complete the online UMKC application form for the “College Tch & Career Prep – CT.”

Applicants must have a Faculty Mentor who is willing to allow the PFF candidate to observe during teaching, willing to allow the PFF candidate to conduct an interview related to faculty roles and responsibilities, and willing to observe the PFF candidate during classroom instruction in order to share specific feedback related to teaching performance. Your Faculty Mentor can be a faculty member at any institution of higher education. Your Faculty Mentor’s digital signature will be required on the application form.

For more information on curriculum and retention requirements, view the Preparing Future Faculty program’s page on the School of Graduate Studies website.

Questions about the Preparing Future Faculty Program?
Contact: Dr. Candace Schlein, Director of the Preparing Future Faculty Program, School of Graduate Studies  (816) 235-5754